Boomer Radio - Christmas Music

Statele Unite ale Americii

Where did our music go?
That's the question that we kept asking ourselves. As Baby Boomers, we grew up
listening to music on the radio, but by and large that music is no longer available.
No matter how often we would scan the radio dial, we never heard anything that we
wanted to listen to.

And, as we have grown older, our musical tastes have broadened and have become
more eclectic. Few towns have enough radio stations to offer the variety of Rock,
Pop, Blues, Jazz and Acoustic music that appeal to our musical tastes.

So, while FM radio is targeting audiences under the age of 35, Boomer Radio, through
the Internet and wireless devices, can now reach our generation of listeners.

You have made Boomer Radio possible

Without your emails and words of encouragement, Boomer Radio would just be an
interesting idea.

It is the overwhelming support from our listeners that has made Boomer Radio one of
the fastest growing Internet Radio stations.

We thank you for your comments and suggestions, and hope that you will always stay
in touch.